Vista Analytics Announces Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms To Accurately Predict Litigation Settlements

Legal Technology Startup Provides A Machine Learning Solution In Settlement Prediction That Can Be Used For Early Forecasting

Washington, D.C. – July 17, 2017 – Vista Analytics has successfully demonstrated prediction in both the likelihood of settlement and the dollar value of the settlement in securities fraud class action lawsuits. The Vista solution can be applied in the initial stages of litigation before costly discovery is undertaken and therefore can aid corporates in formulating earliest stage strategy. Though securities fraud cases were used for initial research, Vista believes that this machine learning solution can be adapted and applied to most types of courtroom predictions where sufficient data is available, including cases involving IP, employment law, and class action cases regardless of underlying cause.

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Vista Analytics Continues to Build Team Through Strategic Hires

Steve Ramey, Partner, and Yihua Shi Aste, Data Scientist, Join The Firm

Washington, D.C. — May 04, 2017 – Vista Analytics is pleased to announce the addition of two key hires:  Steve Ramey and Yihua Shi Astle. Ramey, formerly a Director at Navigant Consulting joins Vista as a Partner, while Shi Astle, formerly of Fannie Mae and Gannett, joins Vista as a Data Scientist.  Ramey and Shi Astle bring with them to Vista a combination of years of experience in computer forensics, as well as, advanced expertise in econometrics and statistics.

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Vista Analytics Adds Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Xuning (Michael) Tang Joins Vista Analytics as Partner and Chief Data Scientist

Washington, DC — March 09, 2017 – Vista Analytics welcomes Chief Data Scientist Dr. Xuning (Michael) Tang as Partner. An expert in the field of data science, Dr. Tang will aid Vista Analytics in building a variety of advanced analytics solutions using machine learning, natural language processing, network analysis, and AWS cloud computing to further the field of eDiscovery.

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Vista Analytics Opens for Business in Washington, D.C.

Seasoned Industry Pioneers Craig Freeman And Michael Faraci Launch An Innovative New Electronic Discovery And Dispute Technology Practice

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