The market for dispute technology is currently in a unique nexus where the type, volume, and complexity of data relevant to disputes is both growing and evolving. There is a clear need for new tools to help make sense of this complex data and simultaneously reduce the time and cost associated with data analysis. Vista Analytics seeks to fulfill this need via the application of cutting edge machine learning, advanced database technology, and customized solutions focused on these data intensive challenges that occur in complex disputes. Michael Faraci and Craig Freeman, founders of Vista Analytics, have enjoyed successful careers running some of the largest and most successful dispute technology practices in the world and are in a distinctive position to combine correct technology with associated process control in order to identify new insights, increase work product quality, and streamline time and expense involved in the data analysis process.

Our Leadership

Craig Freeman

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Michael Faraci

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Dr. Xuning (Michael) Tang

Partner – Chief Data Scientist

Yihua Shi Astle

Associate – Data Scientist

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